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The Story of Ungrateful Son

The Story of Ungrateful Son
A Folktale from East Java, Indonesia
Long time ago, there were twins named Jantur and Menur. Jantur is a boy and Menur is a girl. Jantur and Menur were very different. Jantur was lazy and gets angry easily. When Jantur is angry, he always says bad things. On the other hand, Menur was kind, diligent, and patient girl.

When their parents were working in a paddy field, Jantur asked Menur to cook. He was hungry. Menur then cooked for her brother. After the food was served, Jantur ate. Suddenly he throw the food on the floor.

“What food is this? Yuck! It’s not delicious!”

Menur cried. She was very sad. But she was not angry to her brother. Slowly she collected the food on the floor and put it in the trash bin.

When their parents returned home, Menur told about the food. The father advises Jantur,

“Why did you do that to your sister? She already helped you.”

Jantur was angry,

“I don’t care! Her food is not delicious! I hate her.”

“Lease don’t say that. She is your sister,…

The Origin of Kantan Island

The Legend of Kantan Island
A Folklore from North Sumatra, Indonesia
Once upon a time in Labuhan Batu, North Sumatra, Indonesia lived an old widow with her son named Kantan. Her husband passed away when Kantan was a baby. They lived in a village not far from a jungle. They were poor.

One night, Kantan’s mother had a dream. An old man came to her and asked her to go to the jungle. Under the big tree, the old man asked her to dig a hole. She would a find something very valuable.

Kantan’s mother knew it was not just a dream. So, she asked Kantan to go to the jungle with her. When they found a big tree, Kantan dug a hole. Later, they found a box. When they opened it, they saw a golden stick. It was very beautiful.

“Mother, we have to sell this. We will be very rich!” said Kantan.

“You are right. The golden stick is so beautiful. I’m sure someone is willing to pay with a lot of money. But who is going to buy this stick? All our neighbours are poor.”

“Don’t worry, mother. I will go to the other i…

The Story of Bujang Buta

The Story of Bujang Buta
A Folklore from Riau, Indonesia
Once upon a time in Riau, Indonesia, lived a mother with her three sons. The oldest was Bujang Perotan, the middle child was Bujang Pengail, and the youngest child was Bujang Buta. He was named Bujang Buta, because he was blind.

Those three children had different personalities. Although he was blind, Bujang Buta was the kindest child. While his older brothers were busy playing, Bujang Buta always helped his mother.

One day, their mother asked them to go to the jungle to collect some fire woods. Bujang Perotan and Bujang Pengail agreed to help. The mother and Bujang Buta did not know that Bujang Perotan and Bujang Pengail planned something bad. They wanted to leave Bujang Buta alone in the jungle!

“Bujang Buta, stay here under this tree. Bujang Pengail and I will look for the woods in other areas. Wait for us and we’ll go home together,” said Bujang Perotan.

Then, Bujang Buta waited and waited for hours. His brothers did not show up!

Story of La Dana and His Buffalo

The Story of La Dana and His Buffalo
A Folklore from South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Long time ago in Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, lived a young man. His name was La Dana. Everybody knew him. He was known for his clever ideas. He always tricked bad people. That’s why the villagers loved him.

In Toraja, there was always a ceremony when someone passed away. In the ceremony, the guests could get buffalo meat from the host of the ceremony. La Dana went to the ceremony. Before he went home, the host gave him buffalo legs.

On the way home, La Dana met Pak Kikir. He brought the whole body parts of the buffalo except the legs. Pak Kikir was a very stingy man. Nobody liked him. La Dana then had an idea to trick him.

“Pak Kikir, you have all parts of the buffalo except the legs. And I only have the legs. Why don’t we put them together and gave them back to the host. We ask him to exchange it with a life buffalo. We raise the buffalo until it is big. Do you agree?”

“That is a good idea. Let’s meet th…

The Curse of King Mintin

The Curse of King Mintin
A Folklore from Central Kalimantan, Indonesia Long time ago in Kahayan Hilir, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, there was an island named Mintin. The people in the island lived peacefully. The king of the island, King Mintin, was wise. He loved his people very much.

However, soon the happiness was ended. The kingdom was mourning. The queen just passed away. The king was sad and decided to leave the palace and went to another island. He asked his twin sons, Naga and Buaya, to lead the kingdom while he was away.

At first, Naga and Buaya led the kingdom wisely. They did their father’s advice to them. Unfortunately, it did not so long.

Naga and Buaya had different personalities. Naga was ignorant to the people and loved parties, while Buaya was very caring and loving to the people. Buaya then asked Naga to stop his bad habits.

Naga was angry. He asked Buaya not to disturb him. Buaya was also angry. He reminded Naga about their father’s advice

“Father is not here! And you a…

Story of Ki Semar and Slamet Mountain

Story of Ki Semar and Slamet Mountain
A Folklore from Central Java, Indonesia
A long time ago, there was a mountain named Slamet Mountain. Slamet Mountain was very high. It was so high that it could reach the sky. People heard that they could take the stars if they were on top of the mountain. But no one dared to go there.

The people were afraid that the gods in heaven would be angry if people took the stars. However, the beauty of the stars made some monkeys dared to go to the top of the mountain. Led by their king, they went there and took some stars. Then, the sky became dark at night. People were sad and the gods were angry!

Batara Guru was the leader of the gods. He held a meeting. He invited Batara Narada, Batara Brama, Batara Bayu, and others. Batara Narada had an idea how to stop the monkeys. They would ask Ki Semar to help them.

Ki Semar was actually one of the gods. He was even older than Batara Guru. But Ki Semar did not live in heaven. He lived on earth with his children, Gare…

Story of Sigarlaki and Limbat

Story of Sigarlaki and Limbat
A Folklore from North Sulawesi, Indonesia
A long time ago in Tondonao, there lived a great hunter. His name was Sigarlaki. He was very skillful with his spear. He used his spear to hunt animals in the jungle. He was a very famous hunter. Every day he hunts in the jungle, he always went home with some animals.

Sigarlaki had a servant. His name was Limbat. Sigarlaki was very lucky; Limbat was always loyal to him. Everywhere Sigarlaki went hunting, Limbat was always next to him.

As usual, in one beautiful morning, Sigarlaki and Limbat went to the jungle to hunt some animals.

Sigarlaki prepared his great weapon, the spear. But, today was not his lucky day. They have looke for animals for several hours. For the first time in his life, Sigarlaki was not able to bring home an animal. Sigarlaki became angrier when Limbat told him that their food at home was stolen. Sigarlaki accused Limbat stealin the food.

Limbat was sad. He never thought that his master would accuse…

Legend of Loro Jonggrang

Legend of Loro Jonggrang
A Folklore from Central Java, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Prambanan. The people lived peacefully. However, soon their happy lives were disturbed by Pengging Kingdom. The king, Bandung Bondowoso, wanted to occupy Prambanan. He was a mean king.

The war between Prambanan and Pengging could not be avoided. Prambanan lost the war and led by the new king, Bandung Bondowoso. Pengging could win the war because Bandung Bondongwoso had a supernatural power.

His soldiers were not only humans but also genies. Those creatures always obeyed Bandung Bondowoso. They always did whatever Bandung Bondowoso asked them to do. The king of Prambanan had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Loro Jonggrang (Rara Jonggrang). Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with her and wanted to marry her.

"If you want to marry me, you have to build a thousand of temples in just one night," said Loro Jonggrang.

She hated Bandung Bondowoso because he made the people of Pramba…

The Story of Raja Omas

The Story of Raja Omas
A Folklore from North Sumatra, Indonesia
Long time ago in Simalungun, North Sumatra, Indonesia, there was a king with six wives. Although the king had six wives, he did not have a child yet. Therefore, he decided to marry another woman. His seventh wife gave him a son.

The king named him Raja Omas. The other six wives were jealous. The king only loved his seventh wife and the baby. Those six wives had a bad plan. They got rid of the baby by putting him in a big pumpkin and let it drift in a river.

On the following day, an old woman was washing her clothes on the river. She heard a baby crying. She was surprised to see ababy boy inside a pumpkin and brought him home.

The old woman took good care of Raja Omas until he became a handsome and diligent man. To help the old woman, Raja Omas opened a coffee shop. He also provided tuak, a traditional drink. His tuak was very delicious. Many people came to his coffee shop to drink his tuak.

In the mean time, the king was ill. …

The Story of Princess Tandampalik

Princess Tandampalik
A Folklore from South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Long time ago, there was a kingdom named Luwu Kingdom. King of Luwu had a very beautiful daughter. Her name was Princess Tandampalik. She was very beautiful. Any man who saw her would fall in love with her. Everybody knew about her beauty, including King of Bone. Bone was a kingdom that was far away from Luwu Kingdom.

Then, King of Bone paid a visit to Luwu in order to propose Princess Tandampalik to be her daughter in-law. His son, Prince of Bone, was still single. King of Luwu actually did not want to accept the proposal. According to the culture, he could not have a son-in-law who lived very far from him. Otherwise, he would suffer from terrible disease. But, he knew if he refused it, kingdom of Bone would attack Luwu.

Many of his people would suffer. After that, King of Bone came to Luwu and talked about the marriage proposal. King of Luwu said he needed time to decide. King of Bone understood and went home.

Suddenly, a ba…

The Legend of Golden Snail

The Legend of Golden Snail A Folklore from Central Java, Indonesia
Keong Emas (Javanese and Indonesian for Golden Snail) is a popular Javanese folklore about a princess magically trasformed and contained in a golden snail shell. The folklore is a part of popular Javanese Panji cycle telling the stories about the prince Panji Asmoro Bangun (also known as Raden Inu Kertapati) and his consort, princess Dewi Sekartaji (also known as Dewi Chandra Kirana).

Here is the story:
Once upon a time, king Kertamarta from Daha Kingdom had two daughters namely Dewi Galuh Ajeng and Dewi Candra Kirana. Daha is bordered by Kahuripan Kingdom. To strengthen the brotherhood ties between the two kingdom, Dewi candra Kirana was engaged to the Crown Prince of Kahuripan namely Raden Inu Kertapati, a brave, handsome and wise prince.

Galuh Ajeng envided Candra Kirana because she had feelings for Raden Inu Kertapati, too. To prevent Candra Kirana from marrying him, Candra Kirana was slandered so that she w…

The Golden Snail (Keong Emas)

The Golden Snail (Keong Emas) A Folklore from Central Jave, Indonesia Long time ago there were a couple of husband and wife, they are Prince Raden Putra and Dewi Limaran. They lived in a palace. Prince Raden Putra's father was the king of the kingdom.

One day, Dewi Limaran was walking around in the palace garden. Suddenly she saw a snail. It was ugly and disgusting.

"Yuck!" said Dewi Limaran and then she threw it away into a river.

She did not know that the snail was actually an old and powerful witch. She could transform herself into anything. The witch was angry to Dewi Limaran. The witch put a spell on her and changed her into a golden snail. The witch then threw it away into the river.

The golden snail was drifting away in the river and got caught into a net. An old woman was fishing and used her net to catch some fish. She was surprised to see a golden snail in her net. She took it and brought it home. When the old woman woke up in the morning, she was surprised that the …

The Lgend of Lutung Kasarung

The Legend of Lutung Kasarung
A Folklore from West Java, Indonesia

Long time ago, there was a king named Prabu Tapa Agung. Prabu Tapa Agung was an old king. He had two daughters, Purbararang and Purbasari. Prabu Tapa Agung planned to retire as a king. He wanted Purbasari to replace him as the leader of the kingdom. Hearing this, Purbararang was angry.

"You cannot ask her to be the queen, Father. I'm older than she is. It's supposed to be me, not her!" said Purbararang. But the king still chose Purbasari to be the next queen.

Purbararang then set a bad plan with her fiance, Indrajaya. They went to a witch together and asked her to put a spell on Purbasari. Later, Purbasari had a bad skin. There were black dots all over her body.

"You are not as beautiful as I am. You cannot be the queen. Instead, you have to leave this palace and stay in a jungle," said Purbararang.

Purbasari was very sad. Now she had to stay in the jungle. Everyday she spent her time playing wit…

Siranggir the Cow

Siranggir the Cow A Folklore from North Sumatra, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there was a cow named Siranggir. She had some children. Everyday they went to a field to eat some grass with their owner, Aji Tonggal. He was a young man and he loved his cows very much. He even could talk with them.

Aji Tonggal and his parents build a new house. The people had a tradition. Before a family stayed in their new house, they had to sacrifice a cow. So, the father asked Aji Tonggal to sacrifice the biggest cow they had. And it was Siranggir, the mother cow.

Siranggir was very sad. But Aji Tonggal had to listen and obey his parents. So, he went to Siranggir and explained what happened. Siranggir knew about the tradition, and she also knew that sooner or later she would also be sacrificed.

"Don't worry, Aji Tonggal. I'm ready to be sacrificed. Please promise that you will always take care of my kids after I have gone. And I have a request. Give me time to talk to my children. I want to say …

The Origin of Sungai Landak

A Farmer and a Hedgehog Statue, The Origin of Sungai Landak A Folklore from West Kalimantan
Long time ago, there was a poor farmer lived with his wife. One day, it was a very hot day. The farmer was working on his field. He was there for several hours. He was very tired and wanted to take a rest. Just before he found a nice place to rest, he saw something very shiny.

He came to the shiny object and took it. It was a hedgehog statue. It was very beautiful. Its eyes were made of diamond. Those were the shiny objects he saw. The farmer then brought the statue home. He wanted to show it to his wife. His wife was so happy. They were so poor and planned to sell the statue.

At night, the farmer had a dream. A giant hedgehog came to him. He said,

“Please let me stay in your home. As a return, I will give you everything you want. Just caress the statue’s head and say the prayer. There are two kinds of prayers, one is to start your wish and the second is to stop your wish. Now memorize the prayers.”

The Origin of Bali Strait

Manik Angkeran, The Origin of Bali Strait A Folklore from Bali, Indonesia
A long time ago, lived a very rich family in Bali. The father was Sidi Mantra. He was very famous for his supernatural power. He lived happily with his wife and his only child Manik Angkeran. Manik Angkeran was a spoiled son. He also had a bad habit. He liked to gamble.

Because of his bad habit, his parents soon became poor. They always advised Manik Angkeran to stop his bad habit, but he never listened to them. Instead he kept on begging to his parents to give him a lot of money.

The parents then did not have the heart to see him begging. Sidi Mantra then went to Agung Mountain. There lived a mighty dragon with his great supernatural power. He could provide jewelries to those who could say the right prayers and ring the bell. Sidi Mantra had the bell and he also knew the prayers.

"My name is Sidi Mantra. I have a problem. My son likes to gamble. He made me poor. And now he asks a lot of money. I want to give hi…

2 Angels Tortured Due To Violation of God’s Command

 2 Angels Tortured Due To Violation of God’s Command
Among the creatures that God has created, the angels get the very first rank in having the nickname of being the most obedient ones to their Creator. Their lifes are inseparable from praise and glorify the greatness of God. And they always do their duties. But behind all of this, there are 2 Angels Tortured Due to Violation of His command.

Those story began with the hostility of the angels over the humans’ behavior, the behavior of one of creatures created on the face of the earth, for example unceasing in doing munkar, kill each other, and destroy the livelihood that is undue done. There are even many of them who do not acknowledge the existence of God so the angles’ anger and hatred over humans’ behavior became raging. And they stated that humans did not deserve to be a leader on earth. In such situation, Allah SWT asked to the angels in volunteering to be human beings. Thus the two angels arose to agreed that they will guarantee th…

The Legend of Lake Toba

The Legend of Lake Toba A Folklore from Medan North Sumatra, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there was a young man named Toba. He lived alone and had no wife. He decided being single and didn’t get married, although his age was mature enough to a family.

He had a narrow farm and a small hut not far from a lake. If the day was getting dark, he would go to the lake for fishing. He liked fishing and he could do this activity until night has come.

One day, after worked on his small farm, he decided to go fishing. He wanted to look for some fish for his dinner. He waited for a long time, but his hook didn’t catch any fish. He waited and waited patiently.

Suddenly, his fish bait made some movement. He was sure he would get a fish for his dinner. And that was true, a pretty big fish stuck on his bait. He took the fish and then put it on a fish basket. Then, he went home.
He was so happy to get a fish for his dinner. He imagined that his dinner tonight would be nice because the fish was pretty big…

The Origin of Pond Sampuraga

The Origin of Pond Sampuraga A Folklore from Sumatra, Indonesia
Long time ago, in the area of Sumatra, lived a widow with her son named Sampuraga. They lived in a small hut in the forest. Everyday they worked hard as employees in a farm owned by a rich man.

One day, Sampuraga and his boss took a rest, leaning on a tree after working all day. While enjoying their lunch, the boss asked,

“Sampuraga, you’re still young. Why don’t you move to a prosperous land and find a better job?”

Sampuraga was an honest and diligent young man. That why his boss cared for him and wanted a better life for him.

“Actually I’ve been dreaming to move to search for a better life. I want to make my happier. But where do I have to go to?" Asked Sampuraga.

“You should go to Mandailing. One of my friend live there. Most of the inhabitants have farms and fields. They also seek for living by panning for gold in the river since it has high level of gold content,” explained the boss. The conversation made Sampuraga d…

The Origin of Minangkabau

The Origin of Minangkabau
A Folklore from West Sumatra, Indonesia

As we know that the roofs of houses in West Sumatra, Indonesia, have the shape of buffalo horns. Do you know why do like that? Here is the story.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom in West Sumatra. The people worked as farmers. Their lives were full of happiness. The land was fertile and the weather was always beautiful. The people also had a wise king. He always protected the people.

However, soon their happy lives would be disturbed. Majapahit, a kingdom from Java would attack them. The people were so scared. They were so restless. They went to the king to talk about it. The king tried to calm them down.

"Don't worry, my fellow country men. I know Majapahit have many soldiers. They are also great in war. If we fight them, maybe we lose. But I have an idea how to beat them," said the king.

Then he continued :

"We can challenge them to a buffalo fight. If their buffalo dies, we win. But if our buffalo die…

The Legend of Pari Temple

The Legend of Pari Temple
A Folklore from East Java, Indonesia
A long time ago, an old man lived in Penanggungan Mountain. His name was Kiai Gede Penanggungan. He had supernatural power. Kiai Gede Penanggungan also had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Dewi Walangangin.

Although very beautiful, she was not married yet. That's why Kiai Gede Penanggungan prayed days and nights for her daughter. Finally, God answered his prayer. A young handsome man came to his place.

"My name is Jaka Pandelegan. I came here because I want to be your student. I want to learn a lot of things from you," said the young man.

"I will take you as my student but you have to marry my daughter. Agree?" Jaka took a deep breath.

Then he said,"Yes, I agree. I will marry your daughter."

Both Dewi Walangangin and Jaka Pandelegan lived a happy marriage. Especially Jaka, he was even happier.

Kiai Gede Penanggungan taught him many things. After several years living with Kiai Gede Penanggungan,…

The Golden Antelope

The Golden Antelope A Folklore from West Java, Indonesia
Long time ago, there was an old and poor man lived alone in the jungle. His wife passed away some years ago and he did not have any children. Everyday he collected some woods and sold them in the village.

One day, the old man saw a beautiful antelope. The antelope was different from other antelopes. The color of the skin was golden. The old man walked slowly towards the antelope. The antelope looked very weak. He then gave the antelope some food.

"Thank you, Sir. You are very kind to me," said the antelope.

"You could talk? Who are you? Are you the ghost of the jungle?" the old man was very shocked. He was so surprised to see a talking antelope.

"I'm sorry old man. I can't tell you who I am. If I did, many people will hunt me. Just don't tell anyone about me, OK?" asked the antelope.

Since then the old man had a new friend, the golden antelope. He did not feel lonely anymore because he had a f…

The Stupid Dog

The Stupid Dog
Folklore from Central Sulawesi
Deer have horns, right? But long time ago, deer did not have horns. Instead, dogs had horns. How did the deer get the horns? Here is the story.

It was a very hot day. A couple of deer went to a river to drink. They were husband and wife. After arrived in the lake, they immediately drank some water. Suddenly, the wife saw an animal coming.

“My husband, who is he? Wow! He is very handsome with his horns,” said the female deer.

“Oh, that’s my friend. He is a dog. By the way, did you say he is more handsome than me?” asked the male deer. He was jealous.

“Of course not, you are still more handsome than he is. But I have to admit that his horns are beautiful. If you have those horns, I think you will look very attractive.”

“Ok, then, I have an idea how to take the horns from the dog. Just wait here.”

“Hi, how are you?” asked the male deer to the dog.

“I’m just fine,” answered the dog. “How about you?”

“Not really good. You see my wife over there? He thin…