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2 Angels Tortured Due To Violation of God’s Command

 2 Angels Tortured Due To Violation of God’s Command

Among the creatures that God has created, the angels get the very first rank in having the nickname of being the most obedient ones to their Creator. Their lifes are inseparable from praise and glorify the greatness of God. And they always do their duties. But behind all of this, there are 2 Angels Tortured Due to Violation of His command.

Those story began with the hostility of the angels over the humans’ behavior, the behavior of one of creatures created on the face of the earth, for example unceasing in doing munkar, kill each other, and destroy the livelihood that is undue done. There are even many of them who do not acknowledge the existence of God so the angles’ anger and hatred over humans’ behavior became raging. And they stated that humans did not deserve to be a leader on earth. In such situation, Allah SWT asked to the angels in volunteering to be human beings. Thus the two angels arose to agreed that they will guarantee themselves to stay faithful to Allah SWT.
Upon the greatness of Allah SWT, then the two angels was sent down to earth and became humans.They both got a job as a judge, they judged every human who complained to them so that all matters delegated to them were done well. Many of the people amazed by their presence because every decisions they made was so fair and wise. No one was disappointed with their decisions. And they forbid them not to do things forbidden by the religion, likes drinking wine, adultery and other unjust acts.

One day, they were met by a woman who complained of her problem. Both responded it well and resolved her issues. Those woman often complained all her problems. And from that, they knew who she is. But incidentally, their instincts as a normal man were slowly emerged. Every time they stared at her face, it brought beautiful impression in their minds. Even her shadows were always remembered. Millions of indescribable beauty were captured in their senses of feelings they never had since being an angel. Sense of wanting to do strange things to her flared up in their inner soul and tortured their hearts.

In order not to get lost in the disobedience, then they met the woman, hoping to make her as their wife. When she was asked about it, she would to be a wife but there is a requirement that they must return. They should go with the religion which she hold. Apparently, when she was asked about her religion, she was a pagan.

Then both angels rejected her and left the woman. But, her beautiful face was still looming on their eyes, and even continued to torment their mind. Because they could not resist their hot feelings, they took the decision to see the woman again and asked her to provide her another requirements.

The woman offered wine to them. At first they refused it, because those act is also forbidden. But because it was her last bid filed by the woman, they did not want to let that occasion. Their feeling to her had burned their hearts, and it had caused they forgot about themselves and their God.

Coupled with the assumption that drinking a wine is a minor sin, they’d made themselves more fall. Their conditions became worse due to drink wine. Both were drunk and they did not remember everything that had happened. They did not even regognize themselves. They saw the figure of a very beautiful woman. At once, their raging lust were added. Could no longer with standing the flames of a burning desire, they took turns to intercourse with her. After they satisfied to do so, then they thought that she would be a source of harm to them before the public. So they killed the woman.

After they came out of their drinking, then they marveled that there was a body of women that they knew were laying in front of them. Both of them were wept uncontrollably. And they hoped that God forgave the sins they had done. But all was in vain, the doors of heaven were shut for them and their eyes could no longer penetrate. Their tears flowed endlessly. All the angels in the sky also cried for them.

Both angels went to meet the Prophet Idris in order to pray for forgiveness for them. Because of the prophet’s praying, Allah SWT sent down an angel named Gabriel to meet them. Angel Gabriel also cried when he met them, he said

“what  was the ordeal that befell you both this time?"

Hearing the words of the Angel Gabriel, their crying became uncontrollable.

"Verily, Allah ordered you to choose between two punishment, the world or the hereafter one" then two angels chose the world punisment. Both were chained with iron, in state of dependent. Their head was under and their feet was above. They were tortured constinously every day, their groaning voices was jarring to endure the pains. That was suffered by the two angels until the end of the world.

All the angels were amazed by these adam descents, for those who can resist the desires and remain obedient to Allah SWT. even though surrounded by worldly pleasures and enjoyment.


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