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The Legend of Tanjung Menangis

The Legend of Tanjung Menangis / Cape Weeps
A Folklore from Maluku, Indonesia
A long time ago, there was a great kingdom in Halmahera. The people were sad. The king just died. He was a great king. He was kind and very wise. The people loved him very much.

The king had three children, two sons and one daughter. The son were Baginda Arif and Baginda Binaut, while the daughter was Putri baginda Nuri.

The queen talked to commander of the soldiers. They were discussing about the next king. According to the rule, the first child would be the next king. Therefore, they were preparing a ceremony to inaugurate Baginda Arif to be the new king.

Baginda Binaut heard they conversation. Actually, he had an ambition. He also wanted to be the king. He had a plan. Secretly, he talked to the commander and consequently the commander had to send the queen, Baginda Arif and Baginda Nuri to jail.

The commander agreed. He send them to the jail. The queen, the prince and the princess were very sad. Baginda Binaut …

The Legend of Maninjau Lake

The Legend of Maninjau Lake A Folklore from West Sumatra, Indonesia
Long time ago, there was a village in the foot of Tinjau Mountain. The villagers lived happily. Among the villagers there lived bujang Sembilan or nine young men. People called them bujang sembilan because they were nine brothers. Kukuban was the oldest. Their parents died a long time ago. Bujang sembilan had a youngest sister. Her name was Sani.

The head of the village was Datuk Lambatang. He was a kind and wise leader. He always took care of the villagers, especially bujang sembilan and their sister. He often visited them with his wife and his son, Giran.

Giran never missed joining his father to visit bujang sembilan's house. he wanted to meet Sani. He fell in love with her. Fortunately, Sani also loved him.

Giran told his parents. He said that he wanted to marry Sani. Datuk Limbang agreed. He would talk to bujang semnbilan about the marriage after the harvest.

Meanwhile, Sani also talked to her brothers about Giran.…

The Legend of Catu Island

The Legend of Catu Island
A Folklore from Bali, Indonesia
A very long time ago there was a village in Bali, Indonesia. The people worked as farmers. One of them was Jurna. He was a diligent farmer. He always had a great harvest. However he was never satisfied. He wanted to have better and better harvest.

"I will promise to gods. If they give me better harvest than I have now, I will give them offerings and I will share the harvest to the neighbors," said Jurna to his wife.

"I agree, But remember, you have to keep your promise," said his wife.

Soon, Jurna had better harvest. He had more rice than he had before. He was happy. And as promised, he prepared offerings to the gods and he also shared to his neighbors. They were very happy.

Jurna was not satisfied. He wanted to have better and better and more harvest. Therefore he promised to gods that he would double his offerings and his sharing to the neighbors.

His wish came true. His harvest was much better than before. The …

The Story of Dae La Minga

The Story of Princess Dae La Minga
A Folklore from West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess in Sanggar Kingdom. Her name was Dae La Minga. The king and the queen loved her very much. The people also really loved her. Dae La Minga not only a beautiful princess, but also a very kind girl. She liked to help other people.

Dae La Minga was very popular. Her beauty was spread all over the places. many men fell in love with her. Many of them were princes from other kingdoms. One by one, the princes came to Sanggar Kingdom.

Dae La Minga was kind to everyone. And that included to the princes. She was very polite and treated them nicely.

All the princes thought that they had a channce to be her husband. They all thought the princess loved them. Therefore they started to compare to one another.

"Hey, you'd better leave this kingdom now. Dae La Minga only loves me. She was very kind to me," said one prince.

"No way! She only loves me," …

The Story of Panji Semirang

The Story of Panji Semirang
A Folklore from East Java, Indonesia
Long time ago, there was a big kingdom named Kauripan Kingdom.The king had a son. His name was Raden Inu Kertapati. The prince was engaged with a princess from Daha kingdom. Her name was Dewi Candra Kirana.

One day, Raden Inu Kertapati planned to visit Daha kingdom. He wanted to meet his fiance.

Raden Inu Kertapati went to Daha kingdom with his guards. While they were riding the horses, suddenly a group of people from Asmarantaka stopped them. The leader was Panji Semirang. Upon hearing their place of origin, Raden Inu Kertapati and his guards were alert. They heard that Asmarantaka was a place of thieves.

Panji Semarang would like to meet him. Raden Inu Kertapati agreed. However, Panji Semirang greeted him nicely. Raden Inu Kertapati almost not believe it.

"Don't believe what you heard, Raden. We are not thieves," said Panji Semirang.

Raden Inu Kertapati felt so strange. He felt he already met and knew Panji Sem…

The Story of Prince Pande Gelang and Princess Cadasari

The Story of Prince Pande Gelang and Princess Cadasari
A Folklore From Baten, Indonesia
Long time ago there was a kingdom in Banten, Indonesia. The king had a beautiful daughter. her name was Princess Cadasari. She was very beautiful and kind to people.

However, she was very sad lately. A prince from another kingdom came and planned to marry her. His name was prince Cunihin. People did not like him. he was arrogant and mean to people. He had supernatural power. Prince Cunihin talked to the king about the marriage. The king accepted the proposal. He was afraid that Prince Cunihin would attack the kingdom if the proposal was refused.

The marriage was set. Princess Cadasari was sad. She did not have any choice. She prayed to god. And in one night she had a dream. She was in the park and a handsome man would help her.

On the following day, Princess Cadasari went to the park and waited the handsome man. While she was there suddenly an old man came to her.

"What's the matter Princess? Y…

Fable: A Lesson for the Tiger

Fable: A Lesson for the Tiger
A Folklore from Central Java, Indonesia
A Long time ago, all animals had a king. Their king was the tiger. All animals were afraid of him. The tiger was the strongest among them. He was also very mean. He would hit any animals when they disobeyed him.

One day they wanted to give the tiger a lesson.

"Listen friends, we need to find a way. The tiger is also cruel especially to weak animals like me," said the rabbit.

"I have an idea," said the mouse deer. "He is not clever as he looks. I think I can trick him," said the mouse deer.

"How will you trick him?" asked the rabbit.

"It's easy. You meet the tiger and tell him that I challenge him to fight."

"What? Are you kidding? You cannot win!" said the rabbit.

"Don't worry. I'm not really challenging him to fight. It's all part of the plan."

The mouse deer continued.

"You just tell him that I challenge him to fight under that big tr…

The Story of Mak Isun Kayo

The Story of Mak Isun Kayo
A Folklore from West Sumatra, Indonesia
Long time ago in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, Indonesia, lived a young man named Mak Isun. He was a diligent farmer. Mak Isun always thought of how he could be richer.  One day, while he was at the rice field, a man passed by. His name was Pak Soleh. He brought a monkey. Me was a monkey tamer. He made money by doing peoples order to pick up the coconuts. He did not have to climb the coconut trees. He always asked his monkey to do that job.

"Pak Soleh, where are you going?" asked Mak Isun.

"I'm going to pick up some coconuts"

"How much do you get for the work?"

"That depends. If the place is near from here, I got three coconuts. But if the place is far, I get five coconut. In one day, I can get 25 coconuts," answered Pak Soleh.

Mak Isun was thinking.  "Hmm... if I can get 25 coconuts in one day, I could be rich. I can sell the coconuts at the market. I'm sure I can get a lot of …

The Story of Awang Garang

The Story of Awang Garang
A Folklore from Riau, Indonesia
A long time ago, there was a young fisherman in Riau, Indonesia. His name was Awang Garang. His job was not only fishing but he also often helped people building a new ship. Awang Garang was very skillful, that's why people always asked for his help.

One day the Sultan of Riau asked his soldiers to make him one ship. They were working days and nights. However the ship was not finished yet. The ship was always broken. The soldiers were scared. They were worried that the Sultan would be angry. They then asked Awang Garang to help them. He knew the problem. He said,

"You have to use three different kinds of woods."

He was right! The ship was strong. All the soldiers were very eager to finish the ship. Unfortunately, an accident happened. Awang Garang's right eye was hit by a hammer. He was so angry. He cursed the ship.

"I curse you not to able to sail in the sea," cursed Awang Garang.

Then he went home. His r…

The Story of Breaking the Sun

The Story of Breaking the Sun
A Folklore from Papua, Indonesia
A long time ago, the sun did not shine too long. It was only shine for a while then it set to the west. Earth was in the dark most of the time. People did not like it. There were not many things they could do during the day. The wished to see the sun shine longer.

There was one man who really hated to be in the dark. His name was Rangga. Everyday he was thinking how he could make the sun shine long enough. One day he had an idea.

"I think the sun is too big to move. If we can break it into some pieces, the sun can move quickly. Therefore we can have enough light from the sun," said Rangga to his friend.

"But how can we break the sun?" asked one of his friend.

"We can break it by throwing a spear. But it should be a magic spear," said Rangga.

"How can we get the magic spear?" asked his friend.

"We ask the elf to guide us to find the magic spear," asked Rangga.

Then Rangga and his fr…

The Legend of The Hanging Stone

The Origin of The Hanging Stone
A Folklore from North Sumatra, Indonesia

Long time ago, there lived a family near Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The parents had only one child. She was a beautiful girl. The girl was adult. The parents thought it was the time to get married.

The parents planned to arrange her marriage. They have already matched her with a young man they chose. They did not know that they daughter already had a boyfriend. She loved him very much. Sadly, the parents did not agree with their relationship. They still asked her daughter to marry the man they chose.

The girl was very sad. Everyday she cried. She did not love the man her parents had already chosen for her. She only wanted to marry her boyfriend.

The time to get married was getting closer. Everyday the girl just sat near the Lake Toba. She was very hopeless. Her only friend was a dog.

The girl wanted to end her life. She wanted to jump to the Lake Toba. She was walking slowly. She approached the edge. She was…

The Legend of Gunung Bangkai

The Legend of Gunung Bangkai
A Folklore from South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Long time ago, there was a woman who lived near the jungle. She lived with her son. Her husband was died many years ago. Her son's name was Andung. He always helped her mother.

One day, Andung was in the jungle to collect some firewood. And while he was walking to go home, he heard someone asking for help. Andung was looking around and he saw an old man was injured. Andung immediately help him. The old man was really grateful. He gave Andung a gift.

"I want you to have this necklace. You have already helped me and this is my gratitude to you. This necklace is great. It can cure all disease," said the old man.

Andung was really happy. It looked so beautiful. And when he arrived home, he gave it to his mother. She was very happy to receive the necklace.

Andung wanted to have a better life. He wanted to leave his home and had a better job. He told his plan to his mother. At first she did not agree. However,…

The Legend of the Seven-Headed Snake

The Legend of the Seven-Headed Snake
A Folklore from Bengkulu, Indonesia
Long time ago, in Lebong, Bengkulu, Indonesia, there was a kingdom named Kutei Rukam Kingdom. The people of Kutei Rukam Kingdom were happy. The Crown Prince Gajah Meram would marry a princess from Suka Negeri Kingdom. King Bikau Bermano asked his people to prepare a great party.

One of the wedding procession was the bride and the bridegroom had to take a bath in the bath Lake. when they were swimming, suddenly the prince and the princess were gone. The soldier immediately jumped into the lake. But they could not find the prince and the princess. They were absolutely confused why the prince and the princess suddenly disappeared.

The king was sad. He asked all the soldiers to swim. But still the prince and the princess could not be found. Later an old holy man came to the king. He said that the prince and the princess were kidnapped by the seven-headed snake. He was the king of the snake and he had many snake soldiers…

The Origin of Majalengka

The Origin of Majalengka
A Folklore from West Java, Indonesia
Long time ago, Ratu Ayu Panyidagan was a queen of Panyidagan Kingdom. The queen was beautiful and wise. She led the country peacefully. Many men from other kingdoms fell in love with her. However, the queen was not interested in them. Actually the queen was restless. She wanted to get married and have a baby soon. She wanted her child to be the next leader. She was still waiting for the right man.

The queen had a dream. A handsome man came to the kingdom. However a disaster came along with the arrival. The queen asked her advisors to interpret her dream. The advisors asked the soldiers to guard the border of the kingdom.

Fortunately, there was a big river at the border. People had to cross the river if they wanted to enter the border of the kingdom. The soldier were standing by to monitor anyone crossing the river.

Days and nights the soldiers were standing by the river. And one day, they saw a man was rowing a sampan. The sold…

The Legend of Singaraja

The Legend of Singaraja
A Folklore from Bali, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Klungkung Kingdom. Sri Sagening was the king of Klungkung Kingdom, Bali. He had a lot of wives. His last wife was Ni Luh Pasek. She was the most beautiful wife and that made the other wives were jealous. They often told bad things to the king. Sadly, the king was influenced and he finally asked Ni Luh Pasek to leave the palace.

Ni Luh Pasek was very sad, but she had no other choice. She became very sad when she knew that she was pregnant! Ni Luh Pasek arrived at a village. An old man felt very sorry with her condition. His name was Jelantik Bogol. He was a holy man and had supernatural power. He married Ni Luh Pasek. And when the baby was born, Jelantik Bogol named him I Gusti Gede. He loved I gusti Gede just like his own son.

I Gusti Gede grew as a strong man. He also mastered a lot of skills such as martial arts and supernatural power. His step father taught him the skills.

One day his st…

My Nest Is Better Than Yours

My Nest Is Better Than Yours
A Folklore from Riau, Indonesia
Long time ago, a quail and a weaver bird were best friends. Although they were very much different, they always helped each other. They always looked for food together. They met in the morning and looked for food until in the afternoon. At night they separated and went home to their own nest.

It was raining. The quail and the weaver bird were under a big tree. While they were waiting for the rain stop, they were talking about their nests.

"My nest is great. It is very clean and strong. I made it by arranging the old leaves and the twigs. I'm really comfortable living in my nest," said the weaver bird.

"Well, my nest is great. It is also very strong. And I don't have to be bothered making it. I just need to find a big broken tree and I can live there," said the quail.

"But compared to your nest, my nest is better," said the weaver bird.

"I don't think so. My nest is better than yours,&…

The Legend of Malawen Lake

The Legend of Malawen Lake
 Folklore from Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Long time ago, there was a husband and wife who lived near the jungle. They were very poor. They did not have any children yet. Every day they prayed to god to give them a child. One night the wife had a dream. An old man came to her and told her that she and her husband had to meditate for 100 days in the jungle. The wife told her husband about her dream. They hoped it was a sign from god to give them a child.

Later they went to the jungle. After spending for 100 days, they went home. And it was true! Not long after that the wife was pregnant. And nine months later the baby boy was born. The named him Kumbang Banaung.

Kumbang grew as a handsome and strong young man. However he was not obedient. He never listened to his parents' advice. And it happened again when he wanted to hunt in the jungle. It was already dark and his parents asked him to wait until morning. But Kumbang ignored it. He insisted to go to the j…

Ni Timun Mas and I Lantang Hidung

The Story of Ni Timun Mas and I Lantang Hidung
A Folklore from Bali, Indonesia
Long time ago, there was a girl named Ni Timun Mas. Ni Timun Mas was a beautiful girl. She lived with her mother in a house near a jungle. Ni Timun Mas always helped her mother. When her mother worked in a rice field, Ni Timun Mas always stayed at home to clean up and cook. she was not allowed to go to the rice field. Her mother was afraid that a giant would kidnap her. Yes, there was a giant lived in the jungle. His name was I Latang Hidung. He loved to eat young people!

Her mother always went home in the afternoon. She always asked Ni Timun Mas not to open the door while she worked. Her mother would sing a song,

"Ni Timun Mas, I'm home. Please open the door" Then Ni Timun Mas opened the door.

Sadly, it happened. I Lantang Hidung came to see the house. The giant was hungry. He banged the door. Ni Timun Mas was so scared. Because the door was not opened, the giant left. He was sure there was someb…

Nyai Anteh and the Moon

The Story of Nyai Anteh and the Moon
A Folklore from Sunda, West Java, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there were two girls lived in a palace. There were princess Endahwarni and Anteh. Princess Endahwarni was the daughter of the king and the queen while Anteh was the daughter of the lady-in-waiting. Anteh's mother died while she was a baby. The queen felt sorry to her and raised her like her own child.

Anteh was more beautiful than Princess Endahwarni. She was often jealous with Anteh. However she still loved Anteh just like her little sister. The king and the queen thought it was time for princess Endahwarni to get married. A prince from a neighboring kingdom named Anantakusuma proposed the princess to marry him. The king and the queen had accepted the proposal. And it made Endahwani became very restless. She never met Anantakusuma yet.

A week before the wedding, Prince Anantakusuma came to talk about the wedding ceremony. While he passed the palace garden, he heard a girl singing a son…

The Legend of Leech

The Legend of Leech
A Folklore from West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there was a farmer named I Karma. He lived alone. His father had died years ago and his mother had just died. Before his mother died, she told him a message.

His father put a bottle of coconut oil at the roof of the house. An old man gave his father the bottle. The old man said that the oil was guarded by a woman. I Karma never checked the bottle. He thought it was not important.

Several days after his mother died, a strange thing happened. Every time I Karma went home after working at the field, he always found some food. The house was also neat and clean. It seemed that somebody had cooked and cleaned the house.

It happened everyday. I Karma was very curious. And one day he went home earlier. He wanted to know who helped him. When he peeped through the window, he saw a beautiful woman was busy cooking. He immediately came inside.

"Who are you?" asked I Karma.

"My name is Ni Utami. I'm he…

Legend of Dang Gedunai

Legend of Dang Gedunai
A Folklore from Riau, Indonesia
Obce upon a time in Riau, Indonesia, lived a kid named Dang Gedunai. He lived with his mother. His father passed away when he was a baby. Dang Gedunai was a stubborn kid. His mother was sad. He was her only child but he never made her happy.

“Mom, I want to go to the river. I want to go fishing,” said Dang Gedunai.

“It’s cloudy outside. Rain will soon fall. Why don’t you just stay at home?”

As always Dang Gedunai ignored her. He then went to the river. It was very cloudy when he arrived at the riverside. Soon it was drizzling but Dang Gedunai was still busy fishing. Later rain fell down heavily. Dang Gedunai finally gave up. However right before he left, he saw something shining in the river.

It was a very big egg. Carefully, Dang Gedunai brought the egg home. His mother was surprised to see him brought a big egg.

“What egg is that? Where did you find it?”

“In the river, Mom.”

“Be careful with the egg. You have to return it,” replied his …

The Legend of Dumai

The Legend of Dumai
A Folklore from Riau, Indonesia

Long time ago, in Riau, Indonesia, there was a kingdom named Seri Bunga Tanjung. The leader of the kingdom was Queen Cik Sima. She had seven beautiful daughters. However, the most beautiful one was the youngest daughter. Her name was Mayang Manurai.

One day, all those seven princesses were swimming on the pond in Sarang Umai. They were really having fun in the pond. They were laughing and splashing the water to each other. They did not know that someone was watching them. He was prince Empang Kuala from the neighboring kingdom. He was passing through the area and accidentally he saw all those seven girls swimming on the pond.

The prince was in love with Mayang Mengurai. He tried to know who she was. She asked the local people about her. And after he knew that Mayang Mangurai was the youngest daughter Queen Cik Sima , he sent his best soldier to the queen. The soldier told the queen that prince Empang Kuala would like to propose Mayang M…

The Legend of Telaga Pasir

The Legend of Telaga Pasir
A Folklore from East Java, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there lived a husband and wife in the jungle of Mount Lawu, East Java, Indonesia. They were Kyai Pasir and his wife Nyai Pasir. They lived peacefully. Kyai Pasir was a farmer. He worked in a field. Nyai Pasir just stayed at home. Everyday she cleaned up the house and cooked for them.

It was a beautiful morning, Kyai Pasir left the house and went to his field. While he was walking, he stumbled upon something. He looked at the thing carefully,

"What is this? Is this an egg? But what kind of egg is this? It's very big."

Kyai Pasir put the egg back to the ground. He continued walking. At home, Kyai Pasir told his wife about the egg.

"Why didn't you bring the egg home?" asked Nyai Pasir.

"It's really big. I feel really strange about the egg," explained Kyai Pasir.

"If the egg is really big, then we both can eat. Please bring the egg home, Kyai," asked Nyai Pasir.


The Legend of Pesut Mahakam

The Legend of Pesut Mahakam
A Folklore from East Kalimantan, Indonesia
A long time ago, there was a village in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The village was near the Mahakam River. The villagers always worked hard. Although they were poor, they were very happy. They also helped each other.

In the village, there was a rich family. The head of the family was Pak Pesut. Everybody knew Pak Pesut. He was known not because of his wealth, but because his stinginess. He did not like to help others. His family always ignored people. That’s why Pak Pesut’s family always lived alone and never mingled with others.

It was a very long dry season. All the rice fields could not get water properly. The villagers could not harvest the rice.

Therefore, all villagers were planning to leave their village and find other place to stay. Then they sent some young men to look for a place that had enough water for their rice fields.

After several weeks looked for a new place, finally those young men arrived. They brou…

Story of Glutinous Rice

Story of Glutinous Rice
A Folktale from North Sumatra, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there were a woman lived with her son Olih. Olih and her mother lived in a village in North Sumatra, Indonesia. They were poor. Their neighbors love them because they are kind and always help other people.

In the evening, seven old women came to Olih’s house. Those women looked dirty, and they were wearing ragged clothes. They were also very hungry.

“Good evening. We are hungry. Could you please give us some food?” asked one of the old women.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am. We have some food for you. Just wait for a moment.”

Olih then went to his house. He opened the cupboard then takes some food. A moment later he gave the food to those old women.

“Thank you very much, Kid. It’s very kind of you. We are also very tired. Would you let us stay here to spend the night? Nobody wants to let us stay in their house. We are strangers here, we have no place to go.”

“Don’t worry. You all can stay here,”said Olih’s mother.

“Thank y…

The Story of The King of the River

The Story of The King of the River
A Folktale from Maluku, Indonesia

Once upon a time, a frog, a turtle, a snail, and all other animals were getting together in a river. Suddenly,

“The snake is coming!” screamed a fish to his friends.

A frog, a turtle, a snail, and all other animals were surprised. They were immediately hiding. They were afraid of the snake. They were worried the snake will harm them.

“Hey! Where is everybody!” said the snake.

He was looking around for all the animals.

“I’m hungry. Give me some food. Come on, get out now!”

The snake went here and there. Finally he found them.

“Ha…ha…ha…What are you doing here? Why are you hiding? Are you afraid of me? You should be afraid of me. I’m the biggest animal in this river. I’m your king.”

“You are not our king. There is no king here. Everybody is equal,” said the turtle.

“Let’s prove it! Who wants to fight me? I can beat you easily. With my big body, I can twist you easily. Ha…ha…ha! Now, give me some food!”

The animals were afraid. The…

The Origin of Pantai Karang Nini

The Origin of Pantai Karang Nini
A Folktale from West Java

Long time ago in a village in Ciamis, West Java, Indoensia lived a couple of elderly husband and wife. The elderly husband was called Aki (Grandpa or Kakek in Indonesian) and the elderly wife was called Nini (Grandma). They had two sons and one daughter. Their sons lived across the ocean and their daughter lived in another place far away from Aki and Nini.

Every Lebaran day (day of celebration at end of fasting month/Ramadhan), their two sons visited Aki and Nini. But their daughter never did. Aki and Nini missed their daughter. Two days before Lebaran day, Aki told Nini that he wanted to visit their daughter. Nini wanted to come along, but Aki refused.

“You should stay home and wait for our two sons,”said Aki to Nini.

Aki promised that he would return two days after Lebaran day. Nini was sad when Aki left the village on a boat with other passengers. She looked at the boat as it sailed away on the ocean. She imagined meeting her d…