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Putri Bungsu and the Dragons

Putri Bungsu and the Dragons
A Folklore from Aceh, Indonesia
Once upon a time, there were two dragons lived in Aceh, Indonesia. The dragons were male and female, they were husband and wife. The dragons really wanted to have a child. They always prayed to God to give them a child.

One day the dragons were resting at the river side. Suddenly they saw a baby beside a basket. The basket was drifting by the current of the water.

"My husband, look! There is a human baby inside the basket. Let's save the baby!" said the mother dragon.

The father dragon immediately swam fast. He brought the baby to the side.

She was a baby girl. The dragons were very happy. They had a child. Although the baby was a human child, the dragons really loved her. They named her Putri Bungsu.

Days passed by, Putri Bungsu was adult. She was very beautiful. The dragons always took care of her. They also always protected her.

In the mean time, Putri Bungsu real parents were looking for her. There was an incident…

The Story of Putri Tangguk

The Story of Putri Tangguk
A Folklore from Jambi, Indonesia
There was a village in Jambi, Indonesia. The people were farmers. One of them was Putri Tangguk. She lived with her husband and her children.

Putri Tangguk and her husband had a very small rice field. Amazingly, the rice field was able to harvest a lot of rice. Their harvest was always abundant. They put their harvest in their big barn. They were very happy with their life.

Putri Tangguk always helped her husband in the rice field. One day, she said that she wanted to quit helping her husband. She wanted to take care of the children and mingle with the neighbours.

In the morning, Putri Tangguk wanted to cook some rice. However she could not find any rice in the kitchen. She was surprised and she felt that she just took some rice from the barn and put it in the kitchen. Then, she went to the barn. Surprisingly, there was no rice in the barn. She immediately told her husband about the missing rice.

"Look! The rice is gone. Our r…

Dayang Bandir A Folklore from North Sumatra

The Story of Dayang Bandir
A Folklore from North Sumatra
Long time ago, there were two kingdoms in North Sumatra, the Eastern Kingdom and the Western Kingdom. The Eastern King got married with the Western King's sister. Later, they had a baby girl. They named her Dayang Bandir. Seven years later, they had another child. They named him Sandean Raja.

When Sandean Raja was a kid, his father, the Eastern King died. The rule said that the king's son would be the next king. However, Sandean Raja was still a kid. He had to wait until he was adult to be the king. The elderly of the kingdom asked Uncle Kareang to be the king. Uncle Kareang was the Eastern King's younger brother.

The Eastern king had a magical sword. Uncle Kareang wanted to have the sword. Without the sword, he was only the temporary king. He was looking for the sword everywhere but he could not find it. he knew Dayang Bandir hid the sword. She wanted to give the sword to her brother, Sandean Raja, when he was adult. S…

The White Gibbon A Folklore from West Sumatra

The White Gibbon
A Folklore from West Sumatra
Once upon a time, there was a rich and noble family in Kampung Alai, Tiku Beach West Sumatra. The father was a rich merchant. His business was making and selling big ships. His name was Nahkoda Baginda. He had a very beautiful daughter. Her name was Puti Julian.

Puti Julian was single. Actually, many young man fell in love. However they did not have any confidence to propose her. They came from common family. Puti Julian only wanted to marry a man from noble family, just like her family.

Puti Julian was restless. In her sleep, he always dreamt of a handsome man. He was also from a noble family. His name was Sutan Rumandung.

Nahkoda Baginda understood how his daughter felt. He wanted to find the man. He held a party and invited young men from other places. Unfortunately, Sutan Rumandang did not attend the party. He was sailing.

Nahkoda Baginda asked a holy man to guide Sutan Rumandung and his ship to anchor in their place. Days passed by and fin…

The Legend of Ruai Bird

The Legend of Ruai Bird
A Folklore from West Kalimantan, Indonesia
A long time ago, there was a kingdom in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The King had seven daughters. The queen had passed away. The king did not want to remarry.

The seven daughters were beautiful. However, the youngest daughter was the most beautiful. She was also the kindest. She often helped other people. Her sisters were very much different. They were lazy. They also had bad attitude. They were cruel to people.

The king knew about his daughters behaviours. He often advise his older daughter to behaviours. He often advise his older daughters to behave like the youngest daughter. Sadly, they never listened to the king's advice. They hated their youngest sister because the king often praised her good behaviour.

The older daughters often did terrible things to the youngest daughter. They often hit her. She was very sad. She often cried. She could not tell it to her father because her older sisters always intimidated her. …