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Manik Angkeran and Putri Luh Cendrasari

Manik Angkeran and Putri Luh Cendrasari
(The Legend from Bali Iland, Indonesia)

In ancient live, there lived a king named Prabu Maha Sila. The king had a very beautiful daughter. Because of her beauty, she was famous throughout the country. The kings, the crown prince, or the prince fought to get the princess.

The king was very confused when much young man came to his palace. They consisted of king, princes, crown prince, adipati, even people who had supernatural power arrived wanted to propose his daughter to determine his prospective son-in-law, Prabu Maha Sila was very careful. This considering when his choice was unfair, for who was not chosen will be disappointed and made the disorder situation. Moreover possibly the war and bloodshed could happen.

“My daughter, I won’t let it happen,” Prabu Maha said to the daughter. “Ask to Hyang Maha Agung so that you choose the right man,” said Prabu Maha Sila.

Strengthened the heart of princes Luh Candrasasi.

“Father, don’t worry about that. I will choose whoever, as long as he provide my requirement,” said princess luh candrasasi.

“What requirement?” urged Prabu Maha Sila.

“Whoever can bring the white dragon eyes and its scales, he will become my husband. Whoever his person and wherever his origin,” answered Princess Luh Candrasasi. The princess Luh Candrasasi immediately told the requirement to the applicant.

“It’s really wise!” said the applicants.

Then, they immediately competed to look for the eyes and the scale of the white dragon. They spread to every corners of the country. They entered the jungles. The mountain, the valley or the cave were passed through by them. But, not a single applicant was successful. Moreover, some applicants were lost and could not return to his home.

In the meantime, apart from the Prabu Maha Sila’s royal territory, there was a young man from the common people. His name was Manik Angkeran. He heard that in the royal palace, the daughter of the king held the contest.

“Anyone who succeeded in getting the eyes and the scale of the white dragon will be accepted as his husband.”

Manik Angkeran dreamt about meeting the princess Luh Candrasasi. In his dream, Manik Angkeran fell in love with Luh Candrasasi, so did Luh Candrasasi. Seeing the reality, Manik Angkeran immediately appeared before his master in the white dragon cave. Manik Angkeran asked for a help to his master to look for the eyes and the scale of the white dragon.

“Manik Angkeran, you have to prepare to sacrifice anything for the sake of your sweetheart, will you?” asked Manik Angkeran’s master who wore white coat. Manik Angkeran promised to sacrifice all he had, the spirit and the body.

“Good. I also dare to make a sacrifice for the sake of other person that need some help,” said Manik Angkeran’s master.

“Well, now see the real of me,” said Manik Angkeran’s master. Suddenly, the master’s body changed into a white dragon.

Manik Angkeran was really shocked to see this.

“This is my original shape actually. A white dragon. Because of my serious prayer, I am allowed by god to change my body into humankind. And I must be willing to give the help to whoever need help. Moreover, with you as the pupil that I really love,” said Manik Angkeran’s master that has changed the shape became a white dragon.

The white dragon immediately pried up his two eyes by himself and shook his body hard, so as the scales on his body fell into the ground.

“Now, please receive my two eyes and ten slivers of the scale of my body. And give those immediately to your sweetheart luh candrasasi,” said white dragon.

“And remember my words, if in the future you will have the male child, give him a name “Naga Rangsang”.
Whereas, if it is a daughter, it is up to you to give her name. and now it’s time for me to see Hyang Maha Agung.

After saying this, the white dragon was disappeared. With the sad feeling, Manik Angkeran immediately took two eyes and ten scales of the white dragon. Then, he hurried to appear before Princess Luh Candrasasi.

After arriving in the palace, Manik Angkeran handed over two eyeballs and the scale of the white dragon. Of course, Princess Luh Candrasasi was happy. She had seen the person who filled the requirement that was determined. Then, not so long afterwards princess Luh Candrasasi married Manik Angkeran. Prabu Maha Sila was really relieving.

But, Manik Angkeran was sad. He often felt hopeless.

“My dear husband, why do you look sad? Anything you are thinking of?” urged Princess Luh Candrasasi.

“There’s something you have to know, my wife. In fact, my age was very short. When the sun begins to set, I must leave this world,” revealed Manik Angkeran sadly.

It can’t be described how the pain that was experienced by Luh Candrasasi. Suddenly he fainted and his soul left his body.

At the time, Luh Candrasasi saw his husband’s soul was lifted by god; the soul of Luh Candrasasi immediately pursued him.

“It is not the time for you to die?! You will die if you gave birth a son,” the God said.

“No! I want to follow my husband! “Answered the soul of Luh Candrasasi.

“I am not possible to give birth to a son, if my husband dies now. Then please give my husband back, let him to return to the world. I do not want to be apart from my husband,” said the soul of Luh Candrasasi. Hearing the request of Luh Candrasasi’s soul, god immediately granted her request.

In fact, god only tested Luh Candrasasi’s loyalty against Manik Angkeran that came from the common people. God immediately wiped off the forehead of the two souls. A miracle happened. Manik Angkeran and Luh Candrasasi’s body moved and rose slowly. They lived again. The husband and wife lived happily ever after.

Following is the other Story of Putri Luh Cendrasari and Manik Angkeran:

Long time ago, there was a kingdom and Prabu Maha Sila was a king. He had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Putri Luh Cendrasari. Many young men fell in love with her. They wanted to propose her to be their wife.

The king asked his daughter to choose carefully. Some of the men were princes from other kingdom. The king did not want to make the men disappointed and it would start a war.

Putri Luh Cendrasari understood. She held a competition. She would marry a man who could bring her the eyes and the scales of a white dragon. All the participants agreed. They started to look for a white dragon.

It was not easy to find a white dragon. Some of them climbed the mountains and some of them swam in the sea. However they still could not find the white dragon. One by one the participants gave up.

One of the participants was Manik Angkeran. He was not a prince. He was just a villager. Manik Angkeran really wanted to marry Putri Luh Cendrasari. Actually the princess also fell in love with Manik Angkeran.

She really hoped he could win the copetition. Manik Angkeran went to his teacher in his cave. The teacher was meditating. Manik Angkeran told his teacher about Putri Luh Cendrasari and the competition.

"What will you do to win the competition?" asked the teacher.

"I will do anything, Master. If I have to sacrifice my soul, yes... I will do it," said Manik Angkeran.

"I really admire your persistence. I can see that you really love her. And I also really love you, Manik Angkeran. And I will do anything to make you happy."

The teacher continued, "Actually I am a white dragon. Gods allowed me to be human," said the teacher.

Later an amazing things happened. The teacher slowly turned into a white dragon. Manik Angkeran was very surprised. He did not know that his teacher actually a white dragon.

The white dragon took out his eyes and shook his body. The scales fell off. He gave his eyes and his scales to Manik Angkeran. Then the white dragon disappeared. He went back to heaven.

Manik Angkeran was very sad. He lost his beloved teacher. He immediately went to the palace. The princess was happy. The winner was Manik Angkeran. They soon got married.

Not long after that the princess was pregnant. Everybody was happy except Manik Angkeran. He knew he had to fulfill his promise. He would die soon.

Manik Angkeran was talking to Putri Luh Cendrasari. Suddenly he fell down. Putri Luh Cendrasari saw the gods took manik Angkeran's spirit.

She cried. She asked gods not to take her husband. She told gods that she wanted to follow her husband. She also wanted to die.

The Gods answered, "It's not your time to die. You are pregnant."

"But I really want to be with my husband," said the princess.

Actually the gods did not want to take Manik Angkeran's spirit. They just want to test the princess if she really loved him, knowing that he was just a villager, The gods answered her request. Slowly Manik Angkeran came back to life.

He lived again. Since then Manik angkeran and Putri Luh Cendrasari lived happily ever after.


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