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Princess Kemuning

The Story of Princess Kemuning

Once upon a time, there was a rich and prosperous kingdom. The kingdom was lead by a humble king. The king was very wise. He lead the kingdom perfectly. All of the people in the kingdom admired and respected the king. But unfortunately, inspite of his prosperities and wealth, the queen passed away for a long time ago. The queen left ten beautiful daughters. The queen passed away when giving birth to the youngest daughter. ‘
The king named the daughter by the name of the colour. The eldest daughter named princess Merah Muda. Her sister was named Princess Jingga, Princess Nila, Princess Hijau, Princess Kelabu, Princess Oranye, Princess Merah Merona and Princess Kuning.

Clothes that they wore in accordance with their name. So as at will easier when king  call them in accordance with the colour of clothes that were worn by them. From his ten daughters they were all pretty, but the youngest was rather different from her older sisters. She was not the spoilt and naughty girl. Like sister

The king was so busy arranging the palace and various activities. Because of this, the king did not have enough time to take care his children. The king then assigned the caretaker’s foster to take care of the daughters. But as a result, king’s daughters became spoilt and naughty. All day long they only playing in the lake and did not want to study.

The youngest daughter was always cheerful and smiled to everyone. She liked to go on a strip with the caretaker’s foster than with his older sisters.

One day, the king will go far. He gathered all of his daughters.

“I will carry out a long trip and needed time for quite a long time. What is the present that you wanted my dear daughters?" Asked the king.

“I want expensive jewellery,” said Princess Merah Muda.

“I want sparkling cloth silk,” Princess Oranye said. The king’s nine daughters asked for the gift that was luxurious and expensive to his father.

But princess kuning was different. He thought for a moment, the she held his father’s arms.

“Father, I only want you safely return,” she said. His older sisters laughed her.

“My daughter, that’s very kind of you. Of course, I will come back safely and the beautiful gift for you,” said the king.

Not long afterwards, the king then left the palace. He was accompanied by some soldiers.
During the king’s trip, the behavior of nine daughters was increasingly naughty and lazy. They often rebuked the caretaker’s foster and told the servant to do all they ordered. Because they were busy following the request from the pussy daughters, the attendant could not clean the palace garden. Seeing this, Princess Kuning was very sad, because the garden was favorite place of the king.

Then, Princess Kuning took the broom and began to clean the garden. Princess Kuning cleaned the dry leaves that fell on the ground, she also pulled out the wild grass, and she cut the tree twig. Not so long after that, the garden looked clean again. Actually, the caretaker’s foster did not allow her to do the job, but Princess Kuning continued to do the job.

Having seen her sister cleaned the garden, the older sisters ridiculed and laughed at her.

“Look! It seems we have a new servant,” said a person among them.

“Hi, the servant. The waste is still here!” said the other while throwing the waste.

Originally, the palace garden was already clean, but it was the palace garden was already clean, but it was full of the waste again because of that. Princess Kuning just quiet and cleared the wastes again. The incident happened repeatedly until Princess kuning felt tired.

“You were really excessive. Father should not bring anything for you. All you have to do was annoying!” said Princess Kuning angrily.

“By the way, I am bored. Let’s bathe in the lake then!” asked Princess Nila.

They left Princess Kuning alone. It was happened every day, until their father came home. When the king arrived in the palace, his nine daughters were still playing in the lake, while Princess Kuning was arranging the flower in the palace terrace. Knowing that, the king became very sad.

“My beautiful daughter, I could not give anything except green stone necklace, not the yellow colour, your favorite colour!” said king.

The king had indeed looked for the yellow stone necklace anywhere, but he could not get it.

“It’s allright father. This green stone was really pretty! Look, it looks really harmonious with my yellow clothes,” Princess Kuning said gracefully.

“The most important is father has come back. I will make a cup of tea for you father,” she said again.
When Princess kuning was making tea, her older sisters arrived. They still talked about the gift they got from their father. No one remembered about Princess Kuning. The next day, Princess Hijau saw Princess Kuning wore her new necklace.

“My sister, your green necklace to me, not you,” answered Princess Kuning. Having heard the answer, Princess Hijau became angry. She immediately looked for his relatives to incite them.

“That necklace belongs to me, but she took it from father’s pocket. We must punish her because of it!” said Princess Hijau.

They then agreed to seize the necklace. Not so long afterward, Princess Kuning emerged. Afterwards, her sister immediately caught and struck his head. But as a result, it was really bad. Because of the struck, Princess Kuning was unconscious and finally died.

“Oh my God! How is this? What did we do?” they panicked got nervous.

“We must bury her!” said Princess Jingga. Afterwards they held Princess Kuning’s body, and then buried her in the palace garden.

Princess Hijau was also burying the garden stone necklace, because she did not want it anymore. When the king looked for Princess Kuning, there was no one knew where she went. To cover his crime, her sister then was silent. Saw all silent the king was very angry.

“The guards! Search and find Princess Kuning!" He shouted.

After searching out in all the corners of the palace through days and months, no one succeeded in finding her. The king was very sad.

“I am not a good father,” he said. “Later, I will send my children to study and sharpen the character at a place far away from here!”

Then, the king sent his daughters to go to school in the far country.

After Princess Kuning was not in the palace, the king was often seen daydreaming in the palace garden. He was feeling sad to think about the Princess Kuning who was last and until now, she never returned.

One day, when the king sat in the garden, he was surprised by the existence of plants that emerged on the place where Princess Kuning was buried. The king surprised to see that.

“What plant is this? Its stick like a princess’ robe, its leaves round sparkled like the green stone necklace, its flower is white yellowish and very fragrant! This plant reminds me of my daughter, Princess Kuning. All right, I will give you name Kemuning!" Said the king sadly.

Since then, people called the plant the Kemuning Flower. The Kemuning Flower could be used to make hair fragrant.

Its stick was used to make beautiful boxes, where as its bark was made for the face powder.


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