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The Frog and The Jewelery

The Story of The Frog and The Jewelery

Long time a go, lived an old widow with her two daughters. The eldest has lot of similarities to the mother. Their face and character were almost the same. When they were together, no body noticed that in fact, they were mother and daughter. They both were arrogant, greedy, selfish and underestimate.

The youngest was similar to the father, who had passed away. She was kind, warm, friendly and polite. Everybody said that the youngest was beautiful and behave. Most of them liked her very much. The mother gave more attention to the eldest rather than to the youngest. In fact, the youngest was treated bad, she had to do all the house work by herself, she did cook, collect water, clean, and laundry. While the mother and the eldest sister were just resting lazy in the house. But the youngest did it all without complain.

When the water was empty, the youngest took the water soon, although the water sources was far a way from home.

One day, the mother asked the youngest to take the water

“Take the water now, it is empty and I really need it !”

“That’s right you better do it fast!” added the sister.

The youngest soon, went te the water sources without saying a word. Arrived at the water sources, the youngest filled earth earthenware flask with a neck.

Suddenly, an old poor women with her old clothes came to her.

“would you mind helping me?” asked the old women.

“What can I do for you ?” answered the youngest. “Please help me to bring me the water. I am very thirsty,” asked the old women again.

“sure, my pleasure,” said the youngest.

The sook the water right a way and gave it to the old women. She held earthenware flask with neck, so that the old lady could drink it easily.

“It’s really fresh, I am not thirsty anymore,” said the old lady.

Suddenly the old woman turned into a feiry. Apparently she changed her look to test youngest, how siceres was her heart.

“you are very beautiful, kind, polite and helpful, I can not give you a reward for you kindness.”

“forgive me, but I only want to help, specially those who need. As long as I can, then I will, ”  said the youngest politely.

“You are very nobel, and for your kindnees I will give you my bless, from now on, flower or gold will came out from your mouth for every word you say,” said the feiry.

After the feiry disappeared, the youngest went back home. Arrived home, instead of saying thank you, the mother and the sister were angry to her.

“what took you so long ha!!! Have you play around and fall a sleep? You are just lazy, “shouted the mother.

“I am sorry, I am late,” said the youngest.

Soon after she spoke, a miracle happened. From her mouth, came out two flowers, two shiny pearls and two beautiful jewels. Remarkable, apparently the feiry word was proven.

“My God what is this this all? am I dreaming or real ?” said the mother surprised. “I see pearl, jewel and flower came out from your mouth !!”

“My child, what is going on? how can this happen?” asked the mother curious.

For the first time in her life, she called the youngest, "My child” the mother insisted to know the truth.

Innocently, the youngest started to tell her the story. While she was speaking, the flower, pearl and jewel came out from her mouth. It did not stop until she finished speaking.

“It is a miracle,” said the mother.

“ I have to send my eldest down to the water sources so that she can get what the youngest get,” tricked the mother. Soon, she called the eldest,

"Came here my love. Look!, what came out from your sister’s mouth. There were jewelery come out from her mouth whenever she speak something. Don’t you want to have it too, my dear? Now you better go to  the water sources, and when you meet an old women, who will ask you to take the water, you have to do it !!” treat her well  and nice. It must be hard but you have to! remember my words!” said the mother to the eldest.

“It’s impossible, my sister will be happy if she see me in misery,” saud the eldest angry.

“Do not argue just go and obey my words!” shouted the mother again. Finally the eldest went to the water sources with hard feeling. She was angry and lazy. She took earthenware flask with a neck and spout made from silver.

Not long after that the eldest arrived at the water sources. Few minutes later an old woman with beautiful clothes came to her, just like her mother predicted.

“My child, would you mind taking the water for me?” asked the old woman.

“What did you say? I do not come here to help you taking the water! And what make you think you deserve to get my help? Go get yourself a water if you thirsty!” shouted the eldest.

“How could you? You are arrogant, impolite and rud. For that reason, I will give you my bless, from now on, will come out snake, and I disguisting  from frog from your mouth for every word you say”. Apperntly the old woman was a feiry who turned serself to test how good or bad people’s heart.

The next, the eldest went back home. Actually her mother was expecting her,

"Now, what is your story my dear?" asked her. And the eldest answered the question rude and impolite. Suddenly two frogs, two snakes came out from her mouth.

“Oh, oh, what is going on? how can this happen? It must be your sister’s trick. She has planed this before. I will punish her!" shouted the mother and she ran hurry to look for the youngest. When she met her, she bit and shouted at her,

"Damn you ! Do you want to hurt us?!?!" she bit and bit again, her mouth did not step shouting at her. Afraid by her mother and the sister, the youngest ran and hid herself in the wood.

When she hid in the wood, she met a prince charming who was hunting. Amazed by her beauty, the prince could not stand watching her crying. “My lady, what are you doing in this wood ? and why are you crying?”

“Your honour, my sister was the one who made me here”. Heat moment, the prince saw flowers, pearls and jewels came out from her mouth.

When the story finished, the prince began more interested on her. Not only beautiful, the youngest was also nice and kind. He began to fall in love with her. He believed that the youngest was the one he looked for. She deserved to be his wife. The prince asked the youngest to come to his palace, returned back with him. Meanwhile the eldest was rid by her own mother. In the end, the eldest lived in misery, poor and lost in the wood. Since that moment no body heard about her anymore.


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